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Adult Merchant Accounts

High Risk Merchant Solutions for Adult Websites

Finding efficient and reliable credit card processing solutions for an adult entertainment business can be challenging. However, Instabill has a full service and flexible solution for your adult websites. We have a reliable and secure credit card processing service for you. We know that most acquiring banks are reluctant to act when it comes to accepting adult merchants for various reasons. They include controversial content, legal age restriction and fees which are usually high for these merchant accounts.

With instabill merchant account for adult websites, you will easily qualify for an affordable offshore acquiring bank account. Maybe you are still not convinced that you need to have a merchant account with Instabill for your adult website.

Here are some of the features of our adult merchant account:

  • Low rates of up to 2.2 percent
  • Streaming videos
  • Legal escort service
  • Live webcam
  • Adult novelties and toys
  • Adult dating

Whether you are offering adult novelties, streaming videos and toys among other services, we have a perfect solution for you. We cover a wide range of adult entertainment businesses with our adult merchant account. You just need to contact us and you might be able to accept payment within a week. Our service and solutions will enable you to maximize your business operations and enjoy great benefits that come with our merchant account.

Benefits of our merchant accounts

With our merchants’ accounts for adult websites, you will be able to sell your products globally. This is because you will be able to accept payments using different major brands of credit cards. This aspect coupled with the multi-currency solution makes exposes you to a global market.

Another benefit of these accounts is the gateway integration that allows you to choose from different shopping carts online. This allows you the flexibility needed to run online businesses. Since Instabill gateway adheres to PCI DSS standards, the payment page for your business will allow secure and safe payment processing.

Instabill merchant services are also affordable and industry-leading. Your business can be approved by the acquiring bank within 3 business days. You will also be given a dependable payout schedule. This implies that you will know exactly when you can receive funds.

Our team of merchant accounts and tech experts ensures that you always get the best services throughout the duration over which you use our service. Other benefits include the opportunity to choose between offshore and domestic merchant accounts.

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