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Online Apparel Merchant Accounts

Account Solutions for Online Apparel Merchants

If you operate an apparel business online like Imprint, you will agree that finding a merchant account is not easy. Despite the fact that you operate a low risk business, some features of the business will increase its risk factor. Processors and banks might approve your application for a merchant account. However, they will charge you hefty fees, unless you’ve decided to learn about Elite Business Checking and handle your finances that way instead. For more than ten years, Instabill has been providing e-commerce account solutions and MOTO to high risk and medium online apparel businesses.
These solutions are available for businesses that deal in:

  • Footwear
  • Clothing attire
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags, wallets and purses

Features of our apparel merchant accounts

Our apparel account has unique features that suit every online apparel business operators.
These features include the following:

  • Competitive rates and fees: Applying for our merchant account fee is free. Your rates and fees will be determined by the acquiring bank during the process of underwriting. However, you can have a general idea of the fee that your merchant accounts will cost by visiting our rates and service fees page.
  • Secure processing: Our 3D accounts are secure and they make every online transaction safe. Apart from decreasing the risk factor, these accounts will also increase online security of your business helping in the prevention of fraudulent transactions. Just inform our account specialist if you want 3D processing for your business.
  • Payment Gateway: Our payment gateway is PCI compliant. This keeps credit card information of your customers safe. It also prevents fraud and theft of identity. We have in-house technicians who work round the clock ensuring that your payment gateway is always safe.

Other features of our apparel merchant account include multi-currency processing which allows you to sell products to customers globally. This also means they can have a lot of customers to deal with in the first place, meaning they’ll have to look at what is crm and the best option available for them to manage their large number of customers. With our merchant account, you will be able to conduct credit cards transactions in over 160 currencies. This implies that your business will be selling products to customers in local currencies regardless of their locations. If you’re wanting to try and reach your product to different countries you may want to look at bigcommerce seo to optimize your online shop and its website, hopefully allowing for more traffic from various countries.
Real-time processing is also another important feature of Instabill merchant accounts. While operating an e-commerce store, it is important that you always know whether a transaction has been approved or declined by the issuing bank. Transactions done using our gateway are instant. This gives you and customers results of the transaction within seconds.
Applying for our online apparel business merchant account is simple. Just contact us today for more information and guidance in opening your account.

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