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Check Recovery

Our check recovery services accelerate your recovery of any bounced checks. The reality of bounced checks is encountered by every businesses and it is important to mitigate your risk by ensuring that you have a great recovery service working for you. It can be quite time consuming and costly to recover the funds yourself and if you are hard hit by this kind of activity, you may find your business cash tight and your profit margins sinking pretty low. High Risk Processor has an impressive track record of recoveries.

  • Our track record stands at 88% recovery for bounced checks
  • You don’t pay a cent for it
  • The funds recovered are submitted to you every week
  • You do not need to enter a long term agreement to use this service
  • Saves you money on “Check Guarantee” services
  • Bounced checks as old as 6 months can be recovered
  • Saves you money at the bank on returned item fees
  • You don’t need any special items
  • No need to call the clients whose checks bounced
  • Save yourself time and money trying to recover bounced checks

Recovering bounced checks with us will improve your rate of collection. You get a free value-added service, your cash flow will improve and you will access your funds weekly. If you are need of a business cash advance to help add to your funds, you can always check out online companies like

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