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5 must-have Apps for the Travelling Professional

Business involves a lot of travelling for different reasons. It could start out as looking for prospective clients, speaking to investors and even hiring employees. As the business grows it could be for conferences.
All the travelling, even though for business, will keep you out of touch with what is happening on the ground. This is where technology comes in handy. The following iPhone apps help you streamline all aspects of your life as a small business owner.


You have to eat to keep your energy levels up. This app allows you to make meal reservations. All you need to do is input the number of people the meal is for and the time you want to have the meal. You can easily get a table for as long as there is one available and you can also make cancellations with little fuss.


This helps you keep track of your finances from a distance. You do not have to keep to the bank’s schedule to know what is happening in your bank account.


You can easily find the nearest restaurants, gas stations, entertainment spots and shops using this app. This will save you time when in a new place.


This app shows you the local public transport systemso you are able to travel like the locals and at reduced prices without having to ask around for the best deals.


Talk to friends, family and business colleagues as well using your phone’s data network. Free Wi-Fi in your hotel can also work so your phone bill will reduce greatly.

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