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How Facebook’s recent changes can affect your company page – and your bottom line

Facebook has become more than just a social site. Companies can now benefit greatly from it due to the changes that have been made. A Facebook page allows a company to interact and communicate with clients about their products and services. Customers can easily post complaints and compliments as well.
Marketing is an important aspect of any business and Facebook is a perfect platform to advertise. However, there are some ‘secrets’ to making Facebook work to your favor.

Photos over plain links

Links without photos tend to attract fewer readers than those with photographs. Photos are more attractive, engaging and interesting to look at. This also applies to profile pictures and cover pages.

Changes influencing appearance of posts

The new changes to Facebook’s edgerank algorithm allow users to interact with posts that are much older simply because of the post’s content and popularity. This will ensure that all advertisements and important posts remain visible for longer thus attracting more clients.
Showing posts in reverse chronological order sometimes leaves the consumer with information that they would easily ignore. The new tweaks change all that and improve the experience for your clients. You can use this to your advantage by posting important updates and you are sure that they will be seen for a much longer time than your regular posts.
Ensure that your posts are well-written and relevant before you post them and they will return the favor by bringing in more clients. It reduces your work as well since you do not have to remove or push out the mundane posts that you might have made earlier.

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