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How do you keep your employees happy while driving a strong ROI for your small business?

Employees keep a business running so them being happy and satisfied impacts positively on your profit margins. You can begin by practicing a few tried and tested strategies from owners of different but successful small businesses.

Reward them

Everyone likes to be appreciated for the work they do. You can reward for higher sales, attaining new clients, creativity, and even thoughtfulness toward other employees. It may be a work environment but those that work there remain human and need the warmth of some kind.

Set goals

Setting targets and meeting them gives an employee confidence to handle their work. This encourages them to work even harder to meet set targets. Also, ensuring that your business remains relevant and successful makes an employee feel like they are a part of something bigger and special will keep employees loyal and productive. To help with meeting the intended targets, businesses can implement SharePoint Workflow software (check this out) so everything completed is tracked efficiently.


Trust that your employees will deliver as required and they will gladly want to prove you right. Allowing an employee full responsibility and ensuring that their decisions pertaining to their work count will give them a sense of ownership and a willingness to make better decisions thus get better results.

Hire those that have similar vision

Hiring people that share your vision will also ensure that the fire does not burn out as fast in your employees. It is important that any new employees fit well with your current team as having a bad egg can affect morale and trust. Therefore, conducting things like a background check and interviewing them to find out their views and skills will help them integrate into your team, and increase productivity. They should also effortlessly carry your brand. You can improve this by holding trainings often.

Choose the right clients

Your employees need clients that fit into your business model. If they have to drag themselves to make profits their morale will dip.

Good health

A healthy employee will work better to ensure they eat well and exercise even at work. You may want to set up an employee healthcare plan for them that can help keep them safe and well throughout the time that they are with you. Looking into virtual care is important too as they have access even when working remotely or at work so they are covered in all aspects.

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