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Ways to Grow Your Business the Old Fashioned Way

In the modern day, you can easily depend on online resources and effective marketing strategies to bring new customers and promote sales. However, the traditional techniques for owning and running a business are equally effective and successful.

Receive phone calls

It is good to integrate phone calls into your marketing plans. For instance, call up prospects and introduce them to a product.
Talk with your clients frequently on phone just to hear their views and gauge their level of satisfaction with your service. Rather than email a question, ask it directly through the phone. In addition to saving time, phone calls will eventually save your business money.

Meet face to face

In the same way telephone communication can show your clients how much you value your business, face-to-face meetings can impact the way they perceive you as a professional. As you step out to conferences, meet-up, and other industrial events, you’ll be exposed to more networking opportunities than just twitter chats and discussion forums.
So, get out and interact with fellow members of the industry. It’s an opportunity to share more about your business, prove yourself as sociable and a likeable person worthy to work with.

Under-promise and then over-deliver

Typically, modern companies use technology to aid them cut corners. Rather than investing their energy and time into projects, they outsource or automate their projects. Now, do the exact opposite; use time more efficiently but ensure the client feels appreciated and valued. Do excellent work.

Appreciate your clients

Ultimately, clients are your greatest asset. Your business model won’t make any sense if no one buys your service or product. Therefore, reach out to your clients just once a year to thank them for doing business with you and for their loyalty. You can send them a New Year’s note or holiday card letter.

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