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How to get approved for a High Risk Merchant Account

The best way to get approved for a High Risk Merchant Account is to be honest and direct with your high risk merchant service provider.  Tell him if you have ever been terminated and share your last 3 months processing statements....

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5 must-have Apps for the Travelling Professional

Business involves a lot of travelling for different reasons. It could start out as looking for prospective clients, speaking to investors and even hiring employees. As the business grows it could be for conferences. All the travelling, even though for business, will keep you out of touch with what is happening on the ground. This is where techn...

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What the New Year Means to Your Business

When the New Year starts, most people tend to spend most of their time reflecting on the previous year. Reflecting on the previous year allows you to remember both the successes and mistakes you may have done. Such an evaluation gives you a platform for improvements in the New Year. Here are the tips to help you accomplish great things in your b...

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How to Make the Most of Holidays at Your Small Business

One of the challenges faced by small business owners is the inability to develop content for marketing their services or products. If you are a businessperson and your company is still developing, it is seldom to have a marketing budget with you. However, it is still possible to market your services or products effectively on your own. Recently...

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How You Can Optimize Client Retention

In the modern day, there is stiff competition to keep customers satisfied. Small business owners usually try to create new ways of keeping their customers happy by offering promo codes and deals in addition to using social media platforms. However, frantically using new strategies to compete in your industry can be futile. Businesses should con...

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Ways to Grow Your Business the Old Fashioned Way

In the modern day, you can easily depend on online resources and effective marketing strategies to bring new customers and promote sales. However, the traditional techniques for owning and running a business are equally effective and successful.

Receive phone calls

It is good to integrate phone calls into your marketing plans. For ins...

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